Meet the red jack

we are always ready to amaze you.

We are one of the biggest digital consultancy agency in New Zealand, providing services to several companies all around the country, helping small and big business to achieve their growth goals and generating more profit.

The Red Jack Studio was founded in 2018, but our roots get back to the begining of 2012, when its founder started working with digital media creation in Brazil.

We are a modern, reliable and affordable digital media studio, providing top quality services all over the world in multiple languages.

OUR Services


From USD 470/mo

Keep your company looking amazing on the internet is the key to your success! Count with our consultancy team for that.


- Social media general guidance;
- Content creation consultancy;
- Google Analytics tracking;
- SEO consultancy;
- Digital media investment guidance;
- Online sales;

Web Pages

From USD 1.470/one-off

This site is pretty amazing, right? What about having one like this for your company? Let us create and manage your web page and get ready to be amazed.


- Animated elements;
- Ready-to-go Google Analytics plugin;
- Ready-to-go SEO plugin;
- Website firewall;
- SSL Certificate;
- Custom forms plugin;
- WordPress CMS;

and hips more...

suitecrm software

From USD 470/mo

Do like 4.5 million successful users and use our CRM hosting to manage all your customers, Human Resources and marketing. Even the UK Crown is using it, so why waste more time looking for another option?


- Customer accounting management;
- Sales and invoices;
- Marketing management;
- Multi-level user login;

and hips more...

social media setup

From USD 470/one-off

Don't have your company's or personal social media profiles yet? We can get it all up and going faster than a blink of an eye!


- Facebook;
- Instagram;
- Twitter;
- LinkedIn;
- Other platforms on-demand.

wordpress solutions

From USD 120/h

We can do all that you need on your WordPress web page. From installing plugins to upgrading your entire platform, we are ready to get the job done.


- Plugins;
- Themes;
- Updates;
- Modifications;

and hips more...

corporative e-mail

From USD 19/mo per user

Improve your professional image by using your own corporative e-mail, like We can put it all together in one day or less.


USD 47/one-off for first setup
USD 19/mo per user, for 1GB storage
USD 22/mo per user, for 5GB storage
USD 25/mo per user, for 10GB storage
USD 27/mo per user, for 20GB storage

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